Why do people play computer games?

If you’re a gamer this might come across as an obvious question, but for many, it remains a mystery.

Computer games are enjoyed by millions of people around the world. In fact, it is so successful that the gaming industry racks in more money than the movie industry. Computer games have elements that other mediums of entertainment lack altogether. A good entertainment niche to compare them with is movies. When watching movies you have no control over the decisions the characters make. However, with computer games, you have control over decisions that have significant effects either for the particular game or match, or the outcome of the ending. Players can also make moral decisions, for example, which characters to save and which to help; and they can also manage a myriad of relationships with different characters.

Some people enjoy playing video games as a cathartic experience. It can be a good outlet to blast one’s way through enemy after enemy, or to engage in an online multiplayer heated and fast-paced game. However, you need to be warned that such games can increase your stress and even make it worse. This is particularly the case with online multiplayer games where there are lots of troll players who do nothing else but cripple your game play through their in-game actions, or make your experience horrible.

But fear not, there are other games that might suit you better. These include puzzles games that will challenge your mind more than they challenge your reflexes. Many gamers play games as a means of filling in empty time, whether waiting in a queue, or sitting in a boring waiting room. Nowadays, you simply have to pull out your phone to be immersed in a game. – You can aim for a new high score, or simply play as a momentary distraction.

There are also some people who play computer game versions of board games in order to improve the latter. These include: online chess, scrabble, and backgammon.