The Highest-Earning Gamers Worldwide

The top ten ranking gamers collectively earned approximately $10 million over 2015/2016. There are many gamers who take computer games very seriously and compete for a living. Here we take a look at 10 of the richest gamers around the world.

10. Jonathan Berg

This 28-year-old Swede has earned $580,400 playing in 84 tournaments. He plays DotA and DotA2 with his team ‘The Alliance’.

9. Jung Jong Hyun

This South Korean champion has earned $408,890 playing in 68 tournaments. He plays StarCraft II and has been a champion on 17 tournaments.

8. Jang Jae Ho

Jang is another successful South Korean player and has earned $466,787 in 104 tournaments. Jang plays StarCraft II and Warcraft III and has won 34 of the 104 tournaments he played.

07. Clement Ivanov

This 26 year old Estonian has earned $1,295,405 from 71 tournaments. He is known to be an excellent team captain and plays DotA and DotA2 for various teams.

06. Lee Young Ho

Lee is another Korean gamer to make the list, he earned $505,731 from 71 tournaments. He played exclusively for KT Rolster, winning 14 championships. He retired in 2015.

05. Jang Min Chul

Jang is also from South Korea and he won $504,011 from 108 tournaments. He has won 16 championships.

04. Oleksandr Dashkevych

Ukranian player Oleksandr Dashkevych has won $651,025 from 68 tournaments. He has won 29 championships.

03. Jonathan Wendel

US-based Jonathan Wendel has won $456,089 from 37 tournaments (winning 14). He has since retired.

02. Saahil Arora

Saahil is from Wisconsin, US and earned $2,167,965. He plays the offender position in DotA 2 and is considered one of the best offenders in the world.

01. Peter Dager

This Indiana, US native has earned $2,178,940 at just 25 years old. He is teammates with Saahil Arora on EG (Evil Geniuses).