Richest Game Companies in the World

Computer games are a lucrative industry. The popularity of computer games goes across ages, races and genders, and there are many big gaming companies across the world. Some companies are even earning into the billions! This series shares the top ten highest-earning gaming companies in the world, starting with places ten to five.

10. Square Enix

Valued at: $1.26 Billion
It is no surprise that a Japanese company is on the list. Square Enix owns the Tomb Raider franchise and it has also sold in excess of 110 million copies of the popular series Final Fantasy. Square Enix is also known for the Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts games.

9. Ubisoft

Valued at: $1.84 Billion
Ubisoft is a European-based gaming company founded in 1986. Ubisoft is based in France and is the third-largest independently owned gaming company. Popular Ubisoft titles include Assassin’s Creed and Prince of Persia.

8. Konami

Valued at: $3.42 Billion
Konami does a lot more than just games – they are a conglomerate of various companies that provides services and products such as trading cards, arcade games, slot machines and health club management. Konami created Metal Gear and action series.

7. Electronic Arts

Valued at: $4.14 Billion
Based in California, USA, Electronic Arts was founded in 1982. Electronic Arts publishes games not only on PC but also Consoles and Mobile. They were a pioneer in the early computer game industry. EA is known for producing very popular franchises such as The Sims and Need for Speed. They also have an EA Sports label that produces games such as FIFA and NBA Live.

6. Namco Bandai

Valued at: $4.74 Billion
Namco Bandai is another Japanese-based gaming company that has made the top-earing list. Namco Bandai is a developer, publisher, and manufacturer of games. Well-known titles include Naruto and Tekken.