Richest Game Companies in the World Part II

The previous post listed the places from ten to five for the richest gaming companies in the world. We complete the list here, showing you the top five richest gaming companies.

5. Activision Blizzard

Valued at: $4.85 Billion
Activision Blizzard offers two of the world’s most popular games. Role-playing game World of Warcraft has millions of subscribers. Call of Duty is another of Activision Blizzard’s highest-earning games. Set in California, USA, Activision Blizzard was founded in 2008. You may not recognize the name Activision Blizzard – this is because the company does not publish games under their name but rather uses its studios to publish games.

4. Sega

Valued at: $4.9 Billion
Sega – best known for Sonic the Hedgehog – is still around and thriving! Sega developed and produced a variety of game consoles between 1983 and 2001, but incurred financial losses with its Dream console. Sega now makes money through collaborations with other partners – including former rival Nintendo.

3. Nintendo

Valued at: $6.28 Billion
With a long history spanning over 125 years, Nintendo is certainly an experienced player in the gaming industry (pun intended). Nintendo has its headquarters in Japan and its most popular games are Pokemon, Mario, and The Legend of Zelda.

2. Microsoft Studios

Valued at: $12.82 Billion
It doesn’t really come as a surprise that a company as successful as Microsoft has an equally successful gaming company as part of their stable. Microsoft Studios was formed in 2002. The studio earns its money not only through games but also through sales of the Xbox console (which sold 60 million units and earned $3.4 billion).

1. Sony Interactive Entertainment

Valued at: $13.4 Billion
Formerly known as “Sony Computer Entertainment”. Valued at a cool $13.4 Billion (£10.46 Billion) puts Sony at the top of this leaderboard. A large part of their success is due to the Sony PlayStation consoles. Sony was established in 1993 and launched their first console in 1994 in Japan. Gran Tourisma is Sony’s most popular game, along with Final Fantasy.